A week and a week.

The kids were on March break last week. On the Monday, L came into my office and said, "It smells like something is burning in one corner of the basement." It turned out to be the motor on the dehumidifier. On the Friday night, I sat down at the computer and was reading a blog or a forum or something when this strong smell filled the room. That turned out to be my monitor.

Add two more things to the "Must Buy" list. But, hey, now I know what ozone smells like.

Other than those incidents, the week was quiet. We hung out here, watched movies, and lounged around in our pajamas.

This week was a short one for the kids, as is next week. Ice came home on Wednesday, we ate caribou steaks on Thursday, and, today, we introduced the kids to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I thought most of the humour would go over their heads but they laughed their asses off. The ending completely baffled them—they couldn't believe it was really over—but now they'll always know what to do if I ever tell them to "fetchez la vache".

Posted by Ripley on March 25, 2005

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