Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Ice has been working nights. He usually gets home between 5am and 5:30am, sleeps on the couch for a couple of hours, sees the kids off to school, then goes to bed. Because of that, I get to stay up late and sleep in.

This morning, we were both sleeping when the phone rang. Normally, I would answer it since the phone is on my side, but Ice jumped out of bed, grabbed his jeans, and tried to put them on while stumbling around to the phone. I was so amazed that I could only stare and the answering service picked up before either of us grabbed the phone.

He said, later, that he'd thought it was his boss calling and that he was late for work.

Around lunch, the same person who'd tried to get us earlier called back to say that she had a delivery for me and shortly after, she arrived with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from the always thoughtful Newt. I was very surprised (and thrilled).

When the kids came home from school, J had a friend with him. He asked if the friend could stay and I said no, not today, that I really didn't want any other kids around. And I also reminded him that he was grounded, based on an incident the night before. J said, "But his parents have already left to go shopping and they won't be home until 5:30pm!" What could I do? I had to let the kid stay.

K made supper for me (grilled cheese), all three kids gave me silly but cute homemade cards, and we spent the evening watching TV.

It was a quiet birthday, mostly.

Posted by Ripley on January 25, 2005

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