But she's too young! And so am I!.

Tonight, we attended the "Grade Eight Student and Parent Information Evening & Open House" at the high school.

How is it possible that my little girl is going to high school next year? How is it possible that I'm old enough to have a child going to high school next year?

We all met in the gym (K: "This gym is HUGE!") for short presentations by the principal, vice-principal, student council, etc. and then split up into small groups, led by two peer mentors, for a tour. We visited each area of the school and the relevant teachers gave a talk about their curriculum and (where appropriate) the resources they have on hand.

L liked the history/geography teacher best, K wants to take Culinary Arts when she gets to high school, and J was fascinated by the auto shop. (I think the poor kid's eyes were bugging right out of his head. Cars! Fixable cars!) They were amazed that the school has two gyms, elevators, and three floors. (Ok, I was the one who was amazed by the third floor. I don't know why I never noticed that before.) They thought the partially dissected frog was disgusting, as was the jar of sheep eyeballs, they liked the greenhouse, and L was really happy to hear that she won't have to share a computer.

When we got home, L and I talked for a while. She said she'd thought it was going to be a big scary place but that it wasn't and that she was looking forward to having different teachers for different subjects. She also said she felt a lot less nervous about going to high school next year.

Mission accomplished.

Posted by Ripley on January 20, 2005

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