2004 in Review.

In January, the weather overshadowed pretty much everything else. The kids had nine snow days and Ice had one.

In February, the kids had one more snow day. I got a digital camera as a belated birthday present. We saw Return of the King and started seriously thinking about moving. At the end of the month, we had a real estate agent show us through what I called the (not) pink house.

In March, the kids had another snow day bringing the total for the school year to 12. We talked to the bank about buying the (not) pink house. They said yes so we took the kids to see it and made an offer. A price was agreed upon, inspections, appraisals, and other things were arranged, and then the bank said, "Oops. We're clueless! The answer is no."

In April, a broker found a mortgage for us, we had the house inspected, and signed the final waivers. We also met the owner. In non-house related news, I won the hockey pool, L came in second, and Ice was dead last.

In May, a tornado touched down near my uncle's farm, we had another house-related crisis, and I bought about a hundred books at the community-wide yard sale.

In June, we did some "in-house" furniture shopping, continued making arrangements for the move, took possession about mid-month, and finally moved in after the kids were done school.

In July, we went to a party for the members of Ice's pool league and checked out the local library. The weather was very hot and unsettled and we spent a fair amount of time at the other house, stripping wallpaper and painting. We also discovered that the roof of this house leaks under certain conditions.

In August, Newt, MA, & K(2) came for a visit, more work was done on the other house, and we attended a family reunion.

In September, we attended a wedding reception, the kids started at their new school, and seemed to be settling in well. My great-uncle died.

In October, we had a new roof installed on the doctor's office and the roof over the house repaired. We bought new furniture and Newt, MA & K(2) came for Hallowe'en.

In November, the new furniture arrived for the den and the dining room, a former neighbour pissed me off, and I didn't write a single thing in this blog.

In December, L became a teenager. We froze our butts off at the Santa Claus parade, went to Ice's Christmas party for work, went to a very crowded concert at the school, and hosted Ice's family Christmas here. I went on a class trip to see The Polar Express, and we all enjoyed the holidays.

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