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12.01.05  So what if everything was a skating rink - There are five schools in this town. Four of them were closed today because of the weather (including both high schools). Guess which one was open? The kids were disappointed. They said there was a rumour flying around today that... (tags: )

13.01.05  Remember what Grandma always says - So Ice found out accidentally where his next job is going to be. His boss hasn't worked up the nerve to officially tell him yet so we're not sure when he's starting or how it's going to work. I have... (tags: )

17.01.05  As Ice said, it's not fair - Ice and I went to a funeral for a newborn today. It was, as one would expect, heartbreaking.... (tags: )

18.01.05  They missed another one - Yesterday, when I was getting ready for the funeral, I looked out the window and the snow that was falling had turned into a serious squall. I couldn't even see the grocery store across the street. Every winter, I'm surprised... (tags: )

19.01.05  Snow day #1 (2004-5) - There was much rejoicing this morning. Now maybe they'll relax about it. Ice said he wasn't sure the weather was bad enough to qualify but, given how many kids were stranded at various schools on Monday when the buses couldn't... (tags: )

20.01.05  But she's too young! And so am I! - Tonight, we attended the "Grade Eight Student and Parent Information Evening & Open House" at the high school. How is it possible that my little girl is going to high school next year? How is it possible that I'm old... (tags: )

25.01.05  Life, the Universe, and Everything - Ice has been working nights. He usually gets home between 5am and 5:30am, sleeps on the couch for a couple of hours, sees the kids off to school, then goes to bed. Because of that, I get to stay up... (tags: )

31.01.05  2004 in Review - In January, the weather overshadowed pretty much everything else. The kids had nine snow days and Ice had one. In February, the kids had one more snow day. I got a digital camera as a belated birthday present. We saw... (tags: year in review)