'Tis the season for freezin'.

We went to the Santa Claus parade tonight and it was freezing cold. We stood out there for most of an hour, during which time my face, ears, fingers, and toes went numb. I told the kids that next year, we're not heading up to the corner until we hear the sirens.

The parade was nice with all the usual small town stuff. J was right into the spirit of things and yelled "Merry Christmas!!" to every float / person / vehicle that he saw. When the fire trucks passed by, L turned to me and said, "Hey! My neighbour has a truck just like that!" Which I guess is only funny if you know that the fire hall is two doors up from our house.

Mom and Dad stuck around after they brought L home from shopping. Mom came to the parade with us while Dad did the smart thing and stayed in the house.

Posted by Ripley on December 03, 2004