Recapping the holidays.

On the 22nd, the kids and I went shopping. I was getting really stressed out about not having all the presents I needed and they were predicting a major snowstorm for the next day. It's a good thing we went that day because...

On the 23rd, we spent most of the day shovelling. L & K for a while, then J & I, then L & K again, then Ice & I, then Ice and all the kids. I didn't think we were ever going to get through it all. The hardest part was the snowbank the plow left at the end of our driveway. That, and the fact that we were running out of places to put the snow.

On the 24th, we went to church to watch the Sunday school concert. It looked nice but I really didn't get to hear much of it because a baby, somewhere behind us, cried and fussed and kicked and complained during the entire thing. I was really ticked off at the parents for being so selfish and not taking the kid out. Sure, they probably wanted to see their other child(ren) perform but when you have a baby, sometimes you have to miss things. That's just the way it is! I missed my share of concerts and other events when my kids were babies because I didn't want the people around me to suffer. I swear, if they'd been sitting closer to us, I probably would have taken the kid out myself. Or at least, glared at them enough so they did it. I told Ice that the baby sucked the Christmas spirit right out of me. Not that I blamed the kid, just the parents.

On the 25th, we opened our presents here in the morning. Among other things,I got a radio/CD player for my office, a necklace, and a Nintendo DS with a couple of games. Now I can't bug the kids when they're playing on their Gameboys.

In the afternoon, we went to my parents', opened more presents, ate lots, and had a nice time. Oh, and I got a chance to play with my Dad's laptop. I think I horrified several people when I said, "oh look! a keyboard penis!"

On the 26th, 27th, & 28th, we watched movies, played games, and just hung out here. On the 29th, Ice worked.

On the 30th, the kids went toboganning with some relatives and I stayed here. When Ice came home from work, he said that a guy we both know had dropped dead of a heart attack on one of the jobsites earlier that afternoon.

Tonight, we celebrated New Year's Eve by watching several of the DVDs the kids received for Christmas and eating lots of fun food. It was a nice, quiet way to bring in the new year.

Tomorrow, we're planning to do our Lord of the Rings (extended versions) marathon. Sunday, we have a funeral home to visit. Monday, everybody goes back to school or work.

I'm not really looking forward to that.

I put up some pictures of my staircase, partly because MA said she wanted to see and partly so I remember what I did for next year. It looks much better with the lights on but I couldn't get a good picture of that.

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Posted by Ripley on December 31, 2004