Just a little bit on the touchy side.

I spent most of November (the last bit, anyway) pissed off at the world. Not Ice or the kids but just about everybody else.

Take my former neighbour, for example. We invited them out to dinner to thank them for some things they'd done for us. Talked to the husband, picked a date, he said he'd check with his wife and make sure it was ok, and she would call me back. But could she take two minutes out of her oh so busy life and call me back? Of course not. Didn't hear a word from her, still haven't. Had to find out we weren't going when Ice met up with the husband at a meeting. And has she been here in town many times since we moved? Yes. Has she stopped by to see my new house like she promised? No.

Usually I'm pretty easy going about these kinds of things. I know people are busy and I'm willing to take a back seat most of the time. But for a year before we moved, I had to listen to her bitch about one of her friends doing the very same thing. "She hasn't bothered to come and see my new house. After all I've done for her...." and on and on and on.

To hell with it.

Parent / teacher interviews tomorrow. I requested interview times after 6pm so that Ice could come with me. I thought maybe, since this is our first year at the school, they'd accommodate that request. What time did I get? 4pm.

So yeah. Really bitchy. Hopefully, it's just the usual funk that has hit me every Christmas for the last 14 years and it'll pass soon. The last few years I've been much better about getting into the Christmas spirit earlier and I expect that once I get out there shopping and get the house decorated and do some baking, I'll be fine.

Posted by Ripley on December 01, 2004