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01.12.04  Just a little bit on the touchy side - I spent most of November (the last bit, anyway) pissed off at the world. Not Ice or the kids but just about everybody else. Take my former neighbour, for example. We invited them out to dinner to thank them for... (tags: )

02.12.04  Two more weeks till Xmas vacation - My parents are coming to get L tomorrow at 9am. Apparently, they didn't get the memo which says, "When the kids have the day off school, Ripley must sleep till noon." I'm in a much better mood today. Parent /... (tags: )

03.12.04  'Tis the season for freezin' - We went to the Santa Claus parade tonight and it was freezing cold. We stood out there for most of an hour, during which time my face, ears, fingers, and toes went numb. I told the kids that next year,... (tags: )

04.12.04  No sailing for me - We went to Ice's Christmas party for work tonight. The food was good and the people at our table were nice, although I didn't really know any of them. His boss gave away another trip this year — a 7-day... (tags: )

09.12.04  My teenager - Today was L's 13th birthday. For the last 151 days (no, really... 151), you could have asked her (anytime, anywhere), how many days were left until her birthday and she could have told you. Of course, most of the time,... (tags: )

17.12.04  Trying to get things done - Last Friday's birthday party went well. As I predicted, there was lots of running around and giggling and general silliness but Ice and I hid out in the den and pretty much ignored them. It was 4:30am before most of... (tags: )

19.12.04  Hosting Christmas - When people visit this house for the first time, they always comment on how big it is. But I discovered today that if you add 20 people to the 5 of us who live here.... suddenly, it doesn't seem so... (tags: )

31.12.04  Recapping the holidays - On the 22nd, the kids and I went shopping. I was getting really stressed out about not having all the presents I needed and they were predicting a major snowstorm for the next day. It's a good thing we went... (tags: )