Three girls and a boy.

One of L's current classmates (a boy) went to summer school with one of L's former classmates (a girl). Tonight, the boy invited the girl (D) and another friend over for a visit. D's mother dropped them off here in town with the understanding that they were going to meet up with this boy, get something to eat, and then come to our house to see L.

Just dropped off a pair of 13-year-old girls in a town 15 minutes away with no idea if we'd even be home. I could never do that. I'm too old-fashioned, I guess.

Anyway, we were home and L was happy to see her friends. She gave them a tour of the house with the boy kinda tagging along, looking slightly uncomfortable with three giggly girls. They all chatted for a bit, we fed them pizza, and then they decided they were going to go for a walk around town, maybe check out the hockey game. As they were getting ready to leave, L asked what time she had to be home.

Ice: “I'd like you to be home by 11pm.”
L: “Ok! Bye!”
Me: “11pm? I was thinking 10pm.”
Ice: “I was trying to be nice but 10pm sounds better. L! Make that 10pm!”
L: “I liked your first answer better! Bye!”

And she was gone. She came home at 10:30pm, almost exactly. I think she figured she'd split the difference.

Before they got back here though, D's mother called, said that she'd expected to hear from the girls before 10pm, that she'd been trying D's cellphone but wasn't getting any answer. So Ice went out looking for them. He didn't find them until they were pretty much in our driveway. The cellphone? It was turned off.

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Posted by Ripley on October 15, 2004