Thanksgiving, etc..

We went to Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving. Gave them a DVD player and some DVDs as belated birthday presents for both of them. They were very surprised, which was great. My brother and his family were also there, we all ate too much as usual, and had a nice time.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the guys were here to replace the flat roof on the office addition. They also (hopefully) fixed the leakage problem we were having in one area of the house roof and resealed the surface of the widow's walk. Nice guys, polite, tidy, and not bad-looking either. I took some pictures of the roof (not the guys) before and during but still have to get some after shots.

Also on Tuesday, the fridge stopped working. The freezer side was fine but the fridge side was not cold at all. I hauled most of the food out to the beer fridge in the garage, called Sears, and the next day, a guy came by to look at it. He opened the door and said, "That's not cold." Gee, ya think? He had to order parts (for that problem and another) but he rigged it so it would work for now. Which was good because running out to the garage every time I needed something got old extremely fast.

So today was the first day this week that I didn't have strange men running around the place. Unless you count Ice, of course.

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Posted by Ripley on October 14, 2004