Saying goodbye.

My great-uncle's memorial service was nice. The grandchildren spoke and two of them shared their memories of him, many of which I also shared. The service was fairly upbeat since Uncle Charlie lived a very long and full life but it reminded me of how little time I have left with my Grandma. She's 92 now, doesn't always hear very well, doesn't get around all that well, and forgets things some times (like Ice's name). I spent some time today with both her and my great-aunt (Charlie was their younger brother) and promised I would bring the kids up to see them. I must do that soon.

In other news

I spent the better part of two days on the couch this week with this nasty cold and discovered that daytime TV hasn't improved at all.

The guy who called about the GHA house the other day is probably coming to look at it tomorrow. Ice talked to him today and he said they sold their house in the spring and have been camping ever since because they haven't found a house they like. I suspect the threat of winter is making them realize they can't be quite so picky now.

Speaking of the weather, my uncle said today that if he'd known how close it was to snowing up here, he would have brought a jacket. I laughed. It wasn't that cold.

I finally caught an episode of Corner Gas tonight. The one called "World's Biggest Thing". I laughed through pretty much all of it. Great show.

A group of people in Las Vegas were going to give youker a try the other night. I hope they survived. Maybe I should tell them they're lucky I haven't had time to post the "sabre shots" version yet.

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Posted by Ripley on September 25, 2004

And then you said

Our house stops dead for Corner Gas. Love the show. Really. A Lot. 2nd season starts tuesday. Be their there of be square.

Posted by af42 on September 30, 2004 2:20 PM

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