Labour Day.

Friday, we went back-to-school shopping. Saturday, Ice worked. Saturday night, we went to a wedding reception, despite that fact that our invitation was never sent (thanks to the bride's mother, apparently). Sunday, we just hung around the house. Monday (today), Ice worked.

Wasn't much of a long weekend but hanging out with Kelly and Roland on Saturday night was a lot of fun. Well, except for when she told me that the daughter of someone we know was one of the kids involved in a recent car accident. Ice and I had even discussed this accident, how teenagers do stupid things, how we all did stupid things when we were young, and that the only reason more of us weren't killed or injured is sheer luck. I never made the connection to our friends, it's a common last name, we haven't seen them since they moved to the GHA on the same weekend that we moved out, and the girl didn't live with them (although she was supposed to be moving in before school). Poor kid had to have her leg amputated. I can't imagine what her father is going through.

So anyway, summer is over, it was much too short (or we were much too busy), and school starts tomorrow. I'll actually have to plug my alarm clock in tonight. Blech.

Posted by Ripley on September 06, 2004