Busy, busy.

Ice and I went shopping two weekends ago without the kids. Came home with a stack of DVDs, a CD, and a PS2 game. Went shopping last weekend to get Ice a suit, again without the kids. Came home with a stack of CDs, a stack of books, and a PS2 game. We're not allowed to go to the mall without chaperones anymore.

There was a car accident in front of our next door neighbours' house the other night. Some old guy ran into a parked car. I have no idea how he managed that but the neighbour thinks her car might not be fixable (no one was hurt). Ice and I were in the living room, playing on the PS2, and heard the thump. Ice went flying upstairs, thinking J was out of bed doing who knows what, but he was asleep. L was still awake though and she heard the screeching tires and the crash and it kinda freaked her out.

School is still going ok and the kids have all made friends. I find it really strange to have children here to play and for me to not know them or their parents or where they live. In the GHA, I knew all of my kids' friends, if not from birth then certainly from when they were in kindergarten. It's taking some adjusting on my part.

Reasons I'm not crazy about back-to-school: early mornings, early meals, early bedtimes, colds. I went the entire summer without getting sick. The kids are back in school for two weeks and I'm sneezing all over everything.

I made it to the secondhand store here in GDC finally. Found a CD for a quarter and a genuine, autographed picture of Doug Gilmour for a dollar. Ice is jealous.

The end of the Amazing Race was exactly what I was hoping for. Yay!

A guy called here the other day. Said he heard we had a house for sale and he wanted to know if he could take a look at it. Since we haven't put it on the market yet, I was rather surprised but apparently he heard it from one of our former neighbours (no idea which one). It's not likely that he'll give us what we want for it since we haven't finished fixing it up but he's already driven by it at least once so Ice is probably going to show him through.

I have a memorial service to go to on Saturday for my last great-uncle.

Posted by Ripley on September 21, 2004