Back to school.

The first day at the new school went well. L thought it was ok but she had a lot of homework, K made four new friends (she can't remember their names but they're all girls. that is shocking), and J declared that he loves this school.

I walked with them this morning (at their request) and waited around until the bell rang (again, at their request). While we were standing on the edge of the playground, I pointed out a bunch of girls to L and said I thought they might be in grade 8, too. I watched as they slowly wandered closer to us and it soon became apparent that they were trying to work up the nerve to say something. After a lot of “You go.” “No, you go.”, one girl finally came over and spoke to L.

“Hi. We're going into grade 7 and we were wondering if you were going into grade 7, too?”
“No. Grade 8.”
“Oh, ok. That group of girls over there? (pointing) They're in grade 8. They're nice. Well, my sister is one of them and she's not nice but the rest are.”

I had to laugh.

Posted by Ripley on September 07, 2004