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06.09.04  Labour Day - Friday, we went back-to-school shopping. Saturday, Ice worked. Saturday night, we went to a wedding reception, despite that fact that our invitation was never sent (thanks to the bride's mother, apparently). Sunday, we just hung around the house. Monday (today),... (tags: )

07.09.04  Back to school - The first day at the new school went well. L thought it was ok but she had a lot of homework, K made four new friends (she can't remember their names but they're all girls. that is shocking), and J... (tags: )

21.09.04  Busy, busy - Ice and I went shopping two weekends ago without the kids. Came home with a stack of DVDs, a CD, and a PS2 game. Went shopping last weekend to get Ice a suit, again without the kids. Came home with... (tags: )

25.09.04  Saying goodbye - My great-uncle's memorial service was nice. The grandchildren spoke and two of them shared their memories of him, many of which I also shared. The service was fairly upbeat since Uncle Charlie lived a very long and full life but... (tags: )

30.09.04  Open house - We went to Open House at the school tonight. Or, as they call it here, Curriculum Night. We visited each classroom and later, each teacher gave a short presentation about what they would be teaching this year. J's teacher said... (tags: )