The end of August.

Both of Ice's sisters have been to see the house now. One after the reunion, one today. They seemed to approve.

The little red-haired girl is still madly in love with J.

Ice's niece was here for a couple of days. Well, one afternoon and one whole day while her grandmother (aka SLSL) was at work. The kids really enjoyed having her here.

On Sunday, we went to my aunt and uncle's place to pick up some furniture that they've been keeping for us. The furniture (settee, chair, rocking chair) belonged to my grandparents and is in beautiful shape. I must remember to ask my mom if she knows how old the pieces are.

My dad brought my aunt's computer here (a different aunt) last week. Neither one of us can get the damn thing online and it gave me such a headache the day he was here, that I had to leave it alone for several days.

I'm not looking forward to school starting next week. Dreading it, in fact.

Posted by Ripley on August 30, 2004