Some thoughts on last week.

Had a great time while Newt, MA, & K(2) were here. They arrived on the 6th and, thanks to Newt's boss, stayed until the 14th. We had great meals (I did very little of the cooking), interesting conversations, and lots of laughs. We watched some movies, played some cards, cheered MA on while she made coasters doilies, stayed up late, slept in late, and even took some pictures.

Speaking of playing cards, four games of youker is one game too many. Trust me on that.

My favourite night was Grey Goose night. The vodka was very good (thank you Amazon) but the conversation was even better. The lack of a hangover the next day was an added bonus, not to mention a huge surprise.

So now it's very quiet around here and the house feels empty. We went from eight people down to three, since the girls are spending another week with my parents. I miss everybody and I'm looking forward to our next chance to get together. Soon, I hope.

In other news

On Saturday, Y and her husband and kids dropped by for lunch. I hadn't seen her since my birthday party a year and a half ago so that was really really nice.

On Sunday, we took the girls to my parents' house. We took them swimming and while we were at the pool, I ran into a girl I went to high school with. I hadn't seen her since we graduated (we spent more time together in grade school than in high school) and it was sorta interesting to talk to her again. After dinner, my cousin dropped in. I hadn't seen her in... hmm... over a decade, I think.

It was kind of like old home week(end). Very strange. I said to Ice as we were driving back on Sunday night that, with the exception of Y, I didn't much like meeting up with people my own age. They're all old. He said they were probably thinking the very same thing about me. I refuse to believe that's true.

Posted by Ripley on August 17, 2004