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04.08.04  I wish it was Friday - On Monday, my parents picked up the girls for the week. J and I spent Tuesday and today painting at the GHA house. Tomorrow, we're staying home and dusting and vacuuming and maybe unpacking a box or two. Oh, and... (tags: )

17.08.04  Some thoughts on last week - Had a great time while Newt, MA, & K(2) were here. They arrived on the 6th and, thanks to Newt's boss, stayed until the 14th. We had great meals (I did very little of the cooking), interesting conversations, and lots... (tags: )

18.08.04  Painting - I've spent the last couple of days painting at the GHA house. The living room walls are done and the TV room walls are ready for the final coat. Once those are finished, I'll start painting the bedrooms. They shouldn't... (tags: )

22.08.04  A family affair - Fifty years ago, Ice's grandparents made the decision to leave their native Germany. They applied to Canada and Australia, and the Canadian acceptance arrived the day before the Australian one. Today, a reunion was held to celebrate. Not everyone made... (tags: )

30.08.04  The end of August - Both of Ice's sisters have been to see the house now. One after the reunion, one today. They seemed to approve. The little red-haired girl is still madly in love with J. Ice's niece was here for a couple of... (tags: )