We may never finish.

A few thoughts from last week:

  • The gingerbread trim that gives Victorian houses their charm is a pain in the ass to paint.
  • The people who invented that spray on, popcorn, textured ceiling crap should be shot.
  • Some wallpaper is much easier to remove than others.
  • Beer bugs, picnic beetles, whatever ya want to call 'em, are very irritating.
  • They also love paint.
  • As a result, a few of them are permanently enshrined on the porch.
  • I can stand on a sawhorse without panicking.
  • I can't go past the second rung on a ladder though.
  • Some days, my children can be extremely helpful.
  • Other days, they can be no help at all.
  • Having Mr. Stupid's daughter here overnight was surprisingly stress-free.
  • My former neighbour (and friend) misses me.
  • A week can be very long and very short at the same time.

Posted by Ripley on July 26, 2004