Roofs, mostly.

Between having a sty on my left eyelid (annoying, somewhat painful) and listening to my sister-in-law go off on a half hour tirade against my parents (which left me in tears), it wasn't a particularly good week. I only made it to the GHA house once which wasn't what I'd planned. J spent the week with my parents though and he had a great time. L spent one night at a friend's house so, for 24 hours, K got to pretend she was an only child. I'm pretty sure she decided that one day of that was enough.

We had a guy come by to give us an estimate on replacing the roof on the office addition. We knew before we bought the house that it was in bad shape and we're hoping to have it done before winter. While he was here, I had him look at the roof on the house itself. I explained what had happened with the leaks in the attic and down into K's room and he knew exactly which storm I was talking about. We went up to the attic and he climbed out on the flat part of the roof (we have what is known as a square on hip roof) and looked things over. When he came back down, he said that the roof is in good shape and doesn't need to be replaced. He said that the storm was so intense and the rain came down so hard that it couldn't get away fast enough. He also said that the way the shingles are cut in that valley (the only valley) was part of the problem and that it would be fairly simple to re-cut them to help the water get away faster. I liked the guy a lot and the estimate he gave us a few days later was reasonable.

Tomorrow, we're going back to the GHA house and I'm hoping to finish painting the porch. What I can reach anyway. I've discovered that I like painting outside a lot better than painting inside. I just wish I didn't have that silly vertigo problem so I could do the higher stuff.

Posted by Ripley on July 31, 2004