Movie frustrations.

I've had an account at IMDb for a while now. I got it when I was researching details for AFMR and noticed that some of the credits for a particular movie were wrong. Since then I've corrected and/or added information for several movies. I figure, hey, I use that site constantly, the least I can do is give a little back.

A couple of nights ago, I watched a Canadian movie and when I went to IMDb to get the details for my review, I discovered that the movie wasn't listed at all. I checked the cast members to see if it was listed under a different title but nothing. That was the first time that had ever happened. So, with some trepidation, I clicked on the Title Submission link.

Now, IMDb has a step-by-step process for adding or correcting information. It's fairly straightforward with lots of guides and suggestions and checks along the way. You fill in one part of the form, it's checked and you're told if you need to correct anything before you can move on. When you're all done and all items have been accepted, you hit ‘finish’ and then you're given one more chance to look things over before hitting ‘submit’. The form is sent and then reviewed by an actual human before the information is added to the public view.

The form for adding a new title to the database is considerably longer, obviously. There are all kinds of details needed to verify that this isn't some home video that you made with your best friend and also to verify that the movie isn't already in the database. I filled out everything I could, which took over an hour including research time, and passed all the checks. Hit the final submit button..... and the server timed out. I backed up and tried again but got the same result. I checked my email, checked my update history, hoping that the form was submitted anyway but it wasn't. I thought, no problem, I'll save the form so I won't have to research everything again and try submitting another day.

Uh, no. When I went to save it, X ground to a (near) halt and I was forced to switch to a terminal and kill the browser. All that research lost.

I'll try again because the movie needs to be added. Just not tonight.

Posted by Ripley on July 09, 2004