Lest I give the impression that all is wine and roses.

This morning around 5am, a nasty thunderstorm woke me. Given that nearly every time there's a thunderstorm here the power goes off (which has been happening a lot lately), I got up, came downstairs, and shut down the computer. Ice also got up and went around and closed all the windows. Back in our room, I stood at the window for a few minutes and watched the rain turn the street into a mini river. I got back into bed but hadn't fallen asleep yet when K came in.


At first I thought the storm was freaking her out. Then when I realized she was pointing out the door, I thought maybe a bug was in her room.

“I can't understand you, K.”
“K! Take a deep breath and tell me what's wrong!”
“There's water coming from the ceiling and it's dripping on my bed!!!”

That got both of us up in a hurry.

Sure enough, water was dripping at a furious pace right onto her mattress. Ice pushed the bed out of the way, I ran downstairs to find something to catch the drip, and he went up to the attic. By the time I got back upstairs, it had stopped dripping from the original spot but had started at a new one. I put a plastic container under it, sent K to sleep in L's room (she was also up), and went looking for Ice, who was just coming down the attic stairs.

“The roof is leaking?”
“Oh yeah. The water is pouring in.”

He went to look for some buckets and I went up to the attic. Where the rain was coming in, is where we had thought there might be a leak. One of the last times we had a serious storm though, we had gone up there and checked but the entire attic was perfectly dry. In fact, we've had several storms (with hail even, on Saturday) and there hasn't been a problem.

There was certainly a problem this morning.

Ice put several containers up there (four, five, I'm not sure) and shortly after, the water stopped dripping into K's room.

I think that puts a new couch on the backburner for a while. At least the dog didn't rip anything else apart while we were at the GHA house today.

Posted by Ripley on July 20, 2004

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