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01.07.04  Moved - Very tired so I'll be brief. I might expand on some of these things another day. Seven guys (plus Ice and the kids and me, of course), five hours, two trips, and the move was done. Well, mostly. Somehow, all... (tags: )

08.07.04  Meeting the neighbours - A couple of days ago, Tucker introduced me to the woman who lives next door by attempting to play with her dog, even though the dog was on the other side of the fence and about the size of one... (tags: )

09.07.04  Movie frustrations - I've had an account at IMDb for a while now. I got it when I was researching details for AFMR and noticed that some of the credits for a particular movie were wrong. Since then I've corrected and/or added information... (tags: )

10.07.04  Pool league party - Ice and I went to the annual end-of-season pool league tournament and party today. At first, I wasn't going to go at all. I felt it was too soon to leave the kids in a new house in a new... (tags: )

12.07.04  The hours are much better, too - I took the kids to the library today, partly to update our cards, partly to check out what they have to offer, but mostly to see if they (the kids) wanted to join the summer reading program. I thought it... (tags: )

13.07.04  Beating the heat - Several funnel clouds were spotted in the area earlier tonight, not far from where we used to live. There wasn't any wind or rain or any indication of nasty weather here, just extreme, energy-draining heat. On the plus side, I... (tags: )

19.07.04  Stripping for Ice's holidays - Despite the suggestion at the golf party that we use the GHA house as a vacation house, we'll be spending all of this week fixing it up so we can put it on the market. Ice worked on the outside... (tags: )

20.07.04  Lest I give the impression that all is wine and roses - This morning around 5am, a nasty thunderstorm woke me. Given that nearly every time there's a thunderstorm here the power goes off (which has been happening a lot lately), I got up, came downstairs, and shut down the computer. Ice... (tags: )

26.07.04  We may never finish - A few thoughts from last week: The gingerbread trim that gives Victorian houses their charm is a pain in the ass to paint. The people who invented that spray on, popcorn, textured ceiling crap should be shot. Some wallpaper is... (tags: )

31.07.04  Roofs, mostly - Getting an estimate for fixing the roof, among other things. (tags: )