Closing day.

Ice took today off and, right after the kids left for school, we drove up to the house for the final inspection. The real estate agent was supposed to meet us there but he completely forgot and didn't show up until Ice called him an hour later. Didn't matter though since the cleaning lady let us in and we were all done ‘inspecting’ by the time he arrived.

The doctor wasn't done moving out though.

He and his lady friend arrived about half an hour after us. Ice helped load things in their vehicles and/or toss things in the dumpster. I walked over to the post office and arranged for a box. We chatted for a bit and, after sorting out all of the many house keys, we left.

Drove over to the school and registered the kids for September. Came back here, stopping at this post office for change of address forms, and had lunch with the kids. Got the call from the lawyer saying the house was officially ours. Took Tucker to the vet for a heartworm test and to pick up his flea / heartworm prevention stuff. Were invited to visit Kelly and Roland, who live next door to the vet. Got a tour of their house and had a drink at their poolside bar.

When the kids came home from school, we loaded the lawnmower and some other things in the van. Got back to the new place around 4pm and the doctor was just finishing up.

We weren't upset about it though. His grown children (most or all older than us) didn't help him with the move at all. Although, they were quick to remove any furniture or other items of real value from the house! Ice and I both really like the man (Ice, particularly) so we were happy to give him as much leeway as possible. It's not easy to pack up fifty years of your life and it ticks me off that his kids didn't help.

After everyone else left, Ice and L mowed the hay fields in the front and back yards. K&J ran around the house investigating everything. I put away the few items that we'd brought and took some more pictures while trying to figure out how we're going to arrange the living room. I also spent some time marvelling over the fact that I'm going to have an entire, separate room to use for my office. With a beautiful bay window, a ceiling fan, and a door that closes.

When the lawn was done, Ice got a couple of pizzas from the place next door and we ate them in the den while watching the doctor's still connected satellite TV. Arrived back here around 8:30pm, started shuffling the kids off to bed, and fell asleep myself.

Day one done.

Posted by Ripley on June 15, 2004

And then you said

Sounds like you are enjoying your new home!



Posted by H on June 17, 2004 7:48 PM

Thanks. :)

Posted by Ripley on June 18, 2004 12:22 AM

So it's actually legally yours now?

*throws glitter* Yeah you!

Are you going to post more pictures? When do you actually move all your stuff over?

Posted by af42 on June 18, 2004 10:33 PM

About time, huh? :)

We've been taking loads of boxes there all week and family members are helping us move some things tomorrow but we're not moving the furniture (and ourselves) until next Friday (the 25th).

I'll try to get more pictures up soon!

Posted by Ripley on June 19, 2004 1:33 AM

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