Change of scenery.

Went with my parents today to try to fix my aunt's computer. The error message I was given a couple of days ago didn't match the actual problem so all of my research was useless. Came to the conclusion that her modem is dead, probably due to a thunderstorm. At my dad's urging, sorta convinced her to get a new computer, rather than replace the modem. He told her it would be cheaper which of course isn't true but she really needs to replace the POS she's using now and it seemed like a good opportunity.

Had lunch at a lovely cafe. Mexican fondue (shared), pear salad, chicken enchilada, pumpkin maple cheesecake. Very good, rather expensive, but hey, I wasn't paying.

Stopped at Future Shop so my Dad could pick something up (Mom said, “Do you want to go in?” I said, “Are you kidding? It's Future Shop.”), drooled over a $12,000. plasma TV, got Mom's guarantee that she'll buy it for me when she wins the lottery, picked up a couple of movies, neither of which we'd seen before, completely forgot to check out the telephone we're thinking of buying for the new house. I blame the TV.

Got home at the same time as Ice which was just as the kids were getting home from school. Good timing, relatively good day.

Posted by Ripley on June 04, 2004