I talked to my Mom on Tuesday and she said the tornado touched down on the farm right next to my uncle's. Did some serious damage to the barn and they had to destroy five cows. The houses that were damaged are in a new subdivision which is on the same road. My uncle's farm (which used to be my grandparents') was completely untouched.

My uncle was in the shed at the time (large metal building during a thunderstorn = bad!) and he said it was over in ten seconds. He said the sky turned green (green sky = bad! get in the damn house!) and it got very windy (understatement, maybe?) but he didn't see the actual tornado. My parents went up to visit them on Monday and they weren't allowed to drive on their road (there's only one way to get to the farm, they didn't have a choice) unless my uncle came down and verified who they were and why they were there. Too many damn gawkers, I guess.

All of my relatives are fine, no damage to their homes, and I'm very grateful for that.

In other news

Ice has been busy with pool league playoffs. I went with him Friday night and had a great time. Laughed so much my face hurt. We were home before midnight but still got a lecture from the babysitter.

The weather for the long weeked sucked. The movie selection for the long weekend sucked. Do the people who program TMN not understand that some of us are too smart to go camping on Victoria Day weekend? Sheesh.

The computers were off more than they were on over the weekend. When I turned Bishop back on this afternoon so L could do some research for a school project, we discovered that he no longer remembers how to connect to the network. Called him nasty names and everything. Didn't help. I guess I'll be taking a peek under the hood tomorrow.

And finally...... after facing the very real possibility that our mortgage offer might be withdrawn and that we might not be able to get another one, things are back on track or “ticking along” as the lawyer said. Surprisingly, all of the hassle and gut-wrenching anxiety of the last couple of weeks hasn't dampened my enthusiasm for the move in the least.

Posted by Ripley on May 26, 2004