Ready, set.....

The home inspection was yesterday. I was ready in plenty of time, grabbed my stuff, jumped in the van.... and it wouldn't start. Dead, dead, dead. I called Ice in a panic (we'd already been forced to cancel the inspection once, I did not want to do it again) and he said he'd call his parents and see if they could give me a ride. They weren't home though so he called Kelly and she was more than happy to pick me up. We owe her big time.

Despite me being ten minutes late, everything else went very well. The inspector was great, looked at every tiny detail, explained how many things worked (like the boiler and the furnace (one for the house, one for the office addition)), and even gave me some tips (such as how to clean the marble tub surround). The whole thing took well over four hours (it's a big house) and was worth every penny.

Ice arrived part way through and while he and the inspector and the real estate agent were in the attic and up on the roof, I wandered around downstairs and took some pictures. I'll post them tomorrow.

Tonight, we went back up there and signed off on all of the conditions. Closing date is June 15th. We'll be moving in the weekend after the kids are done school.

Posted by Ripley on April 06, 2004