More updates.

The mortgage broker found something for us, the ‘new’ house was appraised on Wednesday (I think), this house was appraised today, home inspection on Monday. Once the results of the last three things are in, we'll know if this is going to happen or not. And then maybe I'll be able to sleep again.

Speaking of sleeping, my parents found a new mattress for our waterbed (in Florida or somewhere between here and there) so I guess we don't have to grow up just yet.

The kids got their report cards this week. J needs to work on being less bossy but his grades were very good. K needs to be more organized but her grades were also good. L has really improved her classroom participation and her marks were good... except for one. She's well above the grade average in English, French, geography, health/phys ed., music, visual arts, and parts of math. She's exactly at the grade average in algebra and she's one percentage point off the average in science (still in the 70s though). However, in history, she's well below. I mean, failing. Something is wrong there, it makes no sense to me in context with her other marks, and I'm going to set up a meeting with her history teacher to find out what the hell is going on. I've asked her but she doesn't know. She says they only had one quiz this term and no projects so we both need to find out what he's marking her on.

Posted by Ripley on April 02, 2004