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02.04.04  More updates - The mortgage broker found something for us, the ‘new’ house was appraised on Wednesday (I think), this house was appraised today, home inspection on Monday. Once the results of the last three things are in, we'll know if this is... (tags: )

06.04.04  Ready, set.... - The home inspection was yesterday. I was ready in plenty of time, grabbed my stuff, jumped in the van.... and it wouldn't start. Dead, dead, dead. I called Ice in a panic (we'd already been forced to cancel the inspection... (tags: )

07.04.04  Delay - It was an extremely upsetting day so the pictures of the house will have to wait.... (tags: )

08.04.04  Take a look - Pictures of the house are up. Any crappiness (bad lighting, crookedness, whatever) is entirely my fault. Someday soon I'll actually sit down and learn how to use this camera properly. Also, I'd like to point out that L and I... (tags: )

13.04.04  Take a number - Ice is sick, L is sick, I'm not feeling 100%. K was sick last Thursday, J was sick on Saturday. Gotta love spring.... (tags: )

26.04.04  Yes, the house again - On Saturday, we met with the current owner of the house we're buying. He had some furniture that he didn't want and we had some questions about maintenance issues and other things. Not sure if we're getting any furniture yet... (tags: )