The bank gave our information to a mortgage broker but he wasn't able to find anything. We were ready to give up completely on Thursday when another broker called me. I spoke to him again this morning and he's confident he can find something for us. So the possibility of a minor miracle still exists.

What pisses me off is, if the bank had read the property details sheet when I gave it to them originally, they (and we) would have known that there was no chance that they would do the mortgage. Before we made the offer. Before we took the kids to see the house. They would have been able to tell us that they're too stupid to know that commercial zoning does not necessarily mean a commercial property.

Anyway, enough about that.

Based on Jeremy Zawodny's recommendation, I signed up for a Bloglines account. I'm impressed with it so far. I'll add a link to my public subscriptions on the sidebar soon. I also added a feed for this site but it still needs some tweaking.

Our waterbed has sprung yet another leak. Looks like we'll have to grow up and get a real mattress. I wish I knew what kind they use in the Signature Club rooms at the Delta Chelsea because that bed was amazing. The only time I've ever been able to sleep in a hotel.

We bought a Shop-Vac last weekend and I had a serious Tim Allen moment after I put it together and turned it on.

Also last weekend, we painted the hallway a neutral beige-ish colour. A sell-my-house-fast colour. Andrew Winter would approve, I think.

Posted by Ripley on March 26, 2004