The waiting game, pt. 2.

We took the kids to see the house today and they really liked it. More than I expected. Changing schools (and friends) still worries them, as does the distance to the school (we're very close to the school here), but they seem willing to make the move.

So we put in an offer.

We're almost positive that he'll want more money and, based on what the real estate agent said today, it's possible that he won't take any less than the asking price. The agent said that he had a hard time convincing the old guy to come down as low as he did when he put it on the market. If he refuses to budge on the price, we'll probably pass on the house. Not that it isn't worth the amount he's asking; it's just that being 10 months away from having no mortgage at all makes us less willing to take on a bigger debt than we'd planned.

So we wait. The owner has until Wednesday to decide.

Posted by Ripley on March 13, 2004