The (not) pink house.

Last week.....

On Monday night, Ice had a meeting. On Tuesday night, we all had dentist appointments and were relatively late getting home. On Wednesday night, Ice worked until 1am and didn't get home until close to 2am. On Thursday night, he played pool. So I spent a lot of the week by myself and had far too much time to obsess about the house we're interested in. By Friday though, I'd made peace with it and I was ok with the idea that, even if we loved it, we might not be able to get it.

Saturday, we had an appointment with the real estate agent to see inside.

The house is 97 years old (younger than the one we're in) and belongs to a retired doctor who has built a new, much smaller place just around the corner. He lived in it with his family for 48 years and I'm pretty sure there was no redecorating done for at least the last 30 years. Ok, the carpet in the living room and dining room appears to be new-ish, comparatively, but that's about it. The kitchen cabinets are ugly, the kitchen floor is uglier, the wallpaper everywhere is icky. The rec room / games room is more a figment of the real estate agency's imagination than anything, the upstairs bathroom is much smaller than the one we have now and doesn't have a separate shower, the built-in bookcases aren't what I would consider ‘built-in’. There's no front porch and no deck.

Despite all that (and more), I loved it.

There is tons of storage. Everywhere we looked, we found another closet or cupboard or some place to put things. It reminded me of my grandparents' farmhouse in that regard. The backyard is a good size (room for a pool!) and it's fenced. Ice really liked the upstairs which has a great layout and feels very spacious. The attic is unfinished but is a very cool place. The foyer is gorgeous, despite the wallpaper. I told Ice that if we were to buy it, I'd make all (invited) visitors use the front door, at least the first time. The whole house is big, huge compared to this one. Ice even lost me once or twice. And the addition..... well, I'll say more about the addition later.

Ice was more cautious about the house. When we left, he said, “We wanted a definite yes or a definite no. We didn't get either.” And that's true. I loved it but I'm aware there are problems and that it's more money than we'd hoped to spend. We're going to talk to the bank, see what our options are, find out if we can buy a house now or if we should go back to our original plan. And even if they say go ahead, I'm willing to look at other houses before we make a decision.

The thing is, when I look at the (not) pink house, I see more house than I thought we'd ever be able to have. I see a chance to put our mark all over it, to make it ours (unlike this one which, to me, has always felt like somebody else's house), and the opportunity to have something truly spectacular in the end.

I don't think that's such a bad thing to want.

Posted by Ripley on March 01, 2004