Snow day #12 (2003-4).

I was actually relieved that the kids had the day off. J has been having some trouble at school (not with the work, with other things) and I've been finding it stressful to send him lately.

L is sick so she was going to have the day off anyway. I think she was pretty disappointed that she couldn't really enjoy the free time.

Last night, the kids were helping us prepare the hallway for painting. Even if we decide not to go for the house we're looking at again tomorrow (despite what I said in my last post, it's not a for sure thing), we're going to get this house ready to be sold. J asked why we were doing this work and I told him.

J: “How much do houses cost?”
K: “A lot.”
J: “$2,600.???”
K: “No. Way more than that.”
J: “$4,600.???”
K: “No. More like $7,000.”

If only.

Posted by Ripley on March 12, 2004

And then you said

LOL ah the joys of not *getting* money. I guess to them $7,000 is as unbelievable as the reality of the price it to you. Good luck whichever way you go with the house.

Posted by julie on March 13, 2004 4:48 PM

Thanks. :)

Posted by ripley on March 14, 2004 4:00 AM

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