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01.03.04  The (not) pink house - Last week..... On Monday night, Ice had a meeting. On Tuesday night, we all had dentist appointments and were relatively late getting home. On Wednesday night, Ice worked until 1am and didn't get home until close to 2am. On Thursday... (tags: )

02.03.04  A break - J is sick. He hasn't been to school yet this week and it's not looking like he'll be going tomorrow. I wonder which of the girls will be next.... (tags: )

05.03.04  The waiting game - We had a meeting with our ‘personal banking officer’ today to discuss the possibility of buying a bigger house. If we wanted to go the standard route of selling our current house, then buying another, it would be no problem.... (tags: )

08.03.04  And it wasn't even my birthday - The lady from the bank called today, as promised, and said, “I have good news for you.” She'd worked out a plan that solves everyone's concerns and will allow us to put an offer on the house. I called Ice....... (tags: )

12.03.04  Snow day #12 (2003-4) - I was actually relieved that the kids had the day off. J has been having some trouble at school (not with the work, with other things) and I've been finding it stressful to send him lately. L is sick so... (tags: )

13.03.04  The waiting game, pt. 2 - We took the kids to see the house today and they really liked it. More than I expected. Changing schools (and friends) still worries them, as does the distance to the school (we're very close to the school here), but... (tags: )

15.03.04  Graduating from ohmygod - The counter offer came back today at only $5,000. more than we'd offered. We accepted it and signed the papers. I'm still in shock. There are a few more items to deal with — financing details, home inspection — so... (tags: )

22.03.04  Time for a new bank - Through no fault of ours and unless Ice can pull off a minor miracle tomorrow, it looks like we won't be getting the house. The bank informed me that there was a problem half an hour before the appraiser was... (tags: )

26.03.04  Updates - The mortgage situation, Bloglines, leaky beds, and a new toy. (tags: )