Catching up.


Ice and I had been trying to find the time to see Return of the King but it just wasn't working out. Finally, on Friday night, we decided to have L babysit and just go. We've left her in charge before but always during the day and never for more than a couple of hours so I was a bit worried. Everything was fine though. We got home after 1am (from an 8:30pm showing!) and the younger two were in bed and L was asleep on the couch. She's a responsible and sensible kid. I just worry too much.


We had a mini-snowstorm. Ice came home from work and said there was no way he was driving back into town for groceries. So we spent the day playing games (him) and researching (me).


Ice came home from taking the girls skating and said, “Wanna go for a drive and look at houses?”

Since we started talking about possibly moving to a bigger house, I've been checking the online listings. The plan was to finish paying off the mortgage on this one and then, just under a year from now, consider our options. I've been looking at the mls listings just to get an idea of what's out there and what it would cost to get what we want. A while ago, I found a house in a town north of here. There were a couple of possible problems though. The description gave the impression that it was in the core area and the picture gave the impression that the house was pink. I even have it listed that way in my bookmarks: ‘pink house’. Despite those two issues though, it had everything we wanted and then some. I would find other possible candidates but I kept coming back to that house. It was haunting me. I told Ice that I needed to drive by it, just so I could see what was wrong with it and get it out of my mind. So when he suggested we go on Sunday, I was ready in no time.

We found it without a problem. It is in the core area with businesses to one side and across the street. It is not, however, pink. I have a few reservations about the location but we've been tossing around an idea or two that might actually make that an advantage.

We drove by several other houses that I had on my list (in that town and another). One that looked really great in the picture, didn't look so good in real life. Another that looked like a fixer-upper on the edge of town in the picture, was a fixer-upper but not on the edge of town and it didn't appeal to either of us.

So we've decided to call a real estate agent and take a look inside the (not) pink house. I'm half hoping that we'll hate it so we can go back to our original plan but I'm half hoping it'll be just as great as it sounds. Either way, at least I'll know.

As an aside.... I watched Conan O'Brien every night while he was in Toronto. Some things made me laugh out loud. Some things were just silly. But the Quebec bit made me very uncomfortable. It was politically insensitive but more than anything, it demonstrated a fundamental lack of understanding about this country. That's all I wanted to say.

Posted by Ripley on February 23, 2004