Snow day #8 (2003-4).

Unconnected thoughts...

L's teacher gave her class a mountain of ‘just in case’ homework for today. Poor kid worked on it from 8am to 3pm.

This new email worm is pissing me off. It's been arriving non-stop to AF's catchall account.

If Lord of the Rings doesn't win the picture and director Oscars (for the trilogy as a whole), I'll lose all faith in the awards.

The folks at Environment Canada have put away the thesaurus. Now they're just saying things like,

These frigid and blustery winds will turn on the lake effect process and snowsqualls can be expected in the traditional snowbelts off Lake Huron before dawn [Wednesday].


The warned regions will see snowsqualls continue and actually intensify on Thursday.

We're really liking the new neighbour (and his snowblower).

Posted by Ripley on January 27, 2004