Snow day #4 (2003-4).

Last night, the power flickered off and back on again so fast that not a single clock in the house noticed. The computers did, however, and they rebooted. And that's when I realized just how windy it was outside. I shut everything down and went up to bed to read and the power went off/on, off/on, off/on half a dozen times before going off around 3am and staying off for a couple of hours.

I woke Ice up at one point and told him to set the alarm on his watch. He said it was probably tree branches falling on the power lines that were causing the problem.

And then no school again today. L literally jumped up and down when she heard the announcement on the radio.

I put the kids to work this afternoon though (they've had enough free time) and we filled several large garbage bags with clothes that no longer fit them. The CDA is going to love me next time they come around to collect things.

Oh and if anybody has $1.45 million that they'd like to give me, I've found another house I want to buy. On second thought, better make that $2 million. I'm going to need a maid.

It really frustrates me that I didn't find that place less than four years ago when it was falling apart. Damn.

Posted by Ripley on January 13, 2004