Snow day #2 (2003-4).

Very windy, snowy, and cold. Ick. I was in bed this morning, mostly asleep, when it suddenly sunk in what the guy on my clock radio was saying. “We're getting reports that it's really nasty in the [town]-[town]-[town] area.” And I thought, “Wait a minute! We're right in the middle of that!” Came downstairs, looked out the front door, it appeared to be perfectly calm, the kids were watching TV like any normal morning, checked the school website, nothing posted, turned on the radio, told the kids to have breakfast, right when they were giving the school closings and bus cancellations J decided to have a loud argument with K, missed what the guy said so didn't know if the school was closed or if just the buses were cancelled, kept reloading the webpage, it was quarter to eight before it was finally posted that the school was closed, told the kids, there was much rejoicing. On their part, anyway.

Is it just me or is this week taking forever?

We had a great time over the holidays. Played games (PS2, PC, board games, pool on the kids' new 10-in-1 games table), watched movies (most of which we'd seen before), stayed up really late, slept in really late, relaxed, and didn't do any of the work I'd planned. Even being stood up on New Year's Eve didn't matter all that much. It rained a fair bit but Ice thought it was very cool to be able to barbecue on New Year's Day (and the day after).

I think four-day weekends (4.5-day weekends, actually) ought to be the norm.

Posted by Ripley on January 06, 2004