2003 in Review.

In January, I turned 40. Newt, MA, & K(2) came to help me celebrate and Ice threw a surprise party for me at Kelly's. Also as part of the birthday celebrations, I saw David Gray in concert and spent the night at one of my favourite Toronto hotels. In non-birthday-related events, the kids had three snow days.

In February, the space shuttle Columbia blew up. The kids had two more snow days and another day off since there was no heat at the school. We had digital cable installed.

In March, I introduced the girls to the Fellowship of the Ring. We celebrated my uncle's birthday and went shopping.

In April, the kids had another day off school and Ice and I went to Toronto to see the Leafs lose to the Sens. The kids successfully participated in Turn Off the Screens week. I redesigned this site. Ice and I helped friends move.

In May, I bought a new printer. Ice and I went to Toronto and surprised Newt for her birthday.

In June, I paid for Opera, went on J's school trip to the Children's Museum, and adopted a dog from a shelter that we were only able to keep for two days. Newt, MA, & K(2) came for a visit.

In July, we got a puppy and named him Tucker. We went to the golf party and saw Joe Cocker and Sue Foley in concert. Netscape died.

In August, the whole family went camping. Ice and I attended a wedding. Ice came home after a long stint of staying out of town for work. There was a massive power failure that turned out to be kinda fun. We took the kids to the drive-in for the first time. We watched an unexpected car show. Ice's relatives lost their barn in a fire. We visited with Ice's uncle and cousin who were here from Germany.

In September, J started school full-time and was stung by a bee. We bought a new fridge.

In October, we spent Thanksgiving with my parents and went out for dinner and a movie.

In November, Tucker became an it and had to wear a cone for several days. Newt, MA & K(2) came for a visit. The kids had their first snow day of the new school year. I installed Slackware 9.1 on Ivan and set him up in the TV room as my pseudo-laptop. We were robbed.

In December, a guy who works for the same company as Ice was injured. We did almost all of our Christmas shopping in one day. I spent several days at the school, helping with the set for the Christmas concert. We took L to see a movie for her birthday and, in general, enjoyed the holidays.

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And then you said

Wow what a year in review. I didn't do anything.

Posted by af42 on January 23, 2004 11:06 PM

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