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06.01.04  Snow day #2 (2003-4) - Very windy, snowy, and cold. Ick. I was in bed this morning, mostly asleep, when it suddenly sunk in what the guy on my clock radio was saying. “We're getting reports that it's really nasty in the [town]-[town]-[town] area.” And... (tags: )

07.01.04  Snow day #3 (2003-4) - Supposed to be more of the same tomorrow but I think it'll have to be really nasty before the principal will close the school for the third day in a row.... (tags: )

13.01.04  Snow day #4 (2003-4) - Last night, the power flickered off and back on again so fast that not a single clock in the house noticed. The computers did, however, and they rebooted. And that's when I realized just how windy it was outside. I... (tags: )

17.01.04  Like I said, ‘weather permitting’ - We were supposed to go to a movie tonight. Ice's brother was coming along (it's his birthday on Monday) and arrangements had been made for the kids to stay overnight with Ice's parents. But, when we had to stop once... (tags: )

20.01.04  Snow days #5 & #6 (2003-4) - Yesterday and today. And the dog is sick. And J needs to have his health card renewed this week but I can't find his birth certificate. Can't get anyone at the closest OHIP office to answer their bloody phone either.... (tags: )

21.01.04  2003 in Review - In January, I turned 40. Newt, MA, & K(2) came to help me celebrate and Ice threw a surprise party for me at Kelly's. Also as part of the birthday celebrations, I saw David Gray in concert and spent the... (tags: year in review)

22.01.04  Snow day #7 (2003-4) - The folks at Environment Canada are getting bored. Last night's weather warning said, in part, Snowsqualls with whiteout conditions galore. And today's said, in part, A plethora of snowsqualls with whiteouts and heavy snow.... (tags: )

24.01.04  An unusually busy Saturday (for me) - I got up early today because I had to go into town before noon to get my driver's licence renewed. Me being me though, we didn't leave the house until 20 minutes before the office was supposed to close. Shouldn't... (tags: )

27.01.04  Snow day #8 (2003-4) - Unconnected thoughts... L's teacher gave her class a mountain of ‘just in case’ homework for today. Poor kid worked on it from 8am to 3pm. This new email worm is pissing me off. It's been arriving non-stop to AF's catchall... (tags: )

28.01.04  Snow day #9 (2003-4) - For Ice, too! He tried to go to work the usual way this morning but the highway was closed. He tried to go the back way but it was closed, too (he almost ran into the barrier). So he came... (tags: )

29.01.04  Snow day #10 (2003-4) - You have to respect a guy who says, If the worst case scenario is becoming a well-heard musician who never gets paid, I can live with that. The more I listen, the more I like. And he's Canadian. Go, listen,... (tags: )