His brain is a waterbed.

Ice and I went Christmas shopping today and I was determined to get everything that we had on our list(s). And, except for a couple of small things (who knew decent stuffed animals were so hard to find?) and one other thing that we didn't want to make an extra stop for (had to get home to pick up the kids), we did. Everyone got exactly what they asked for so they should all be happy.

The mall was busy but not unbearably so, the store clerks/employees were actually helpful (especially one guy who went out of his way to find a particular movie on VHS for us), and, except for feeling like I was having a hot flash in HMV, I had a pretty good time.

We were both really punchy on the way home (Ice said it was from the loss of money) so the conversation in the van was mostly silly. And, after hiding the presents and picking up the kids (in that order), we sorta collapsed in front of the TV. Well, in front of the PS2.

As tiring as it was to do all the shopping in one day, I feel better about things now.

Posted by Ripley on December 13, 2003