Exit stage left.

We finished setting things up for the school Christmas concert this afternoon. Hung the wreath and the garland and the posters, making sure the KISS poster was prominently displayed. Ice wired up the ‘on air’ sign and put a switch under the desk so the ‘DJs’ can operate it. R and I attempted to make the lettering for the sign but Ice had to take over after I messed up one attempt and R stabbed himself in the finger with the exacto knife. Closed in the front of the desk too so it looks more professional.

C was sick so she had to stay home. I'm not sure if we did everything she wanted or if it's exactly like she envisioned but I think it looks pretty good. I'll find out how well it works at the dress rehearsal tomorrow.


Quote of the day, courtesy of L, heard many many times, after we got home and Ice and I were playing Timesplitters, a PS2 game and first-person shooter, the kind of game I usually don't like but it's actually fun:

“Don't shoot! Don't shoot! That's Dad!!!”

Posted by Ripley on December 14, 2003