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03.12.03  Things an electrician's wife doesn't want to hear - Ice called from the shop, like he almost always does, to see if I needed anything from the grocery store. I didn't so he said he'd be home soon. Before he got here, his boss called. “Is [Ice] home yet?”... (tags: )

12.12.03  We tied it to the wall first this year - We'd planned to take L to a movie tonight for her birthday but the weather was a bit iffy so we stayed home and decorated the tree instead. I thought we were way behind but it turns out we're a... (tags: )

13.12.03  His brain is a waterbed - Ice and I went Christmas shopping today and I was determined to get everything that we had on our list(s). And, except for a couple of small things (who knew decent stuffed animals were so hard to find?) and one... (tags: )

14.12.03  Exit stage left - We finished setting things up for the school Christmas concert this afternoon. Hung the wreath and the garland and the posters, making sure the KISS poster was prominently displayed. Ice wired up the ‘on air’ sign and put a switch... (tags: )

15.12.03  Practice makes perfect - The dress rehearsal went reasonably well today. A few flubbed lines, once or twice some confusion over which door to exit by, and a couple of missed notes but nothing terribly serious. And nothing on the set fell down so... (tags: )

16.12.03  FYI - Wrapping presents is a much more enjoyable task when done in the middle of the afternoon with movies on the TV and no fear of being caught by the kids.... (tags: )

20.12.03  We could have bought several DVDs for the same price - We were supposed to take L to a movie last weekend for her birthday but the weather didn't cooperate. We had some unexpected free time this weekend so we finally made it to the theatre tonight. L had her heart... (tags: )

21.12.03  Sunday mornings aren't just a figment of other people's imaginations - On Thursday night, Ice said he really needed a vacation. On Friday morning, he called me to see if it would mess up any plans if he worked on Sunday (today). I think the poor boy is confused. So he... (tags: )

23.12.03  Counter space is a valuable item - I baked some Christmas goodies today, for the first time in years, and in the process I remembered one of the reasons why I'd stopped: my kitchen sucks. Ah well, I got almost everything made and now we'll have even... (tags: )

25.12.03  Merry Christmas - Christmas was good this year. I think the kids got everything that was on their lists, including a Gameboy Advance SP for each of them. Santa brought me the 20th Anniversary (Canadian) Edition of Trivial Pursuit. He must have been... (tags: )