Just a little off the bottom.

Tucker went to the vet today for an attitude adjustment to be neutered and to have his hind dew claws removed. He's rather subdued tonight.

The kids got home from school before I picked him up and the younger two were surprised that he wasn't here. Never mind the fact that I dropped them off at school this morning (something I rarely do) and he was in the van with us (something that rarely happens since the silly thing gets carsick).

K: “Where's Tucker??”
L: “He's getting fixed.”
K: “Fixed? What's to fix?”
me: “So he can't have any puppies.”
K: “He can't have puppies!”
me: “Right. So he can't make any puppies.”
L: “He's having his testicles removed.”
J: “..................huh??”

The vet gave me one of those cone things to put on him if he chews at the bandages on his legs. He's started to a couple of times but I keep reminding him that if he doesn't stop, he'll have to walk around looking like an idiot. So far, he's listened. The other stitches don't seem to be bothering him at all except that he's walking around with his hind legs as far apart as possible. Ok, so maybe he already does look silly.

And on a side note....

After I dropped him off this morning, I came home and had a shower. When I was done and opened the shower door, I noticed that the bathroom door was halfway open. I never leave it like that. I peeked around the door and sitting there was the cat. And the first thing to cross my mind? The Halloween safety tips posted at WWdN, in particular #7.


Posted by Ripley on November 03, 2003