I shouldn't have complained about the power supply.

Last night/this morning, possibly some time in the whole hour between when I go to bed and when Ice gets up, some asshole stole a bunch of Ice's tools from his van. Not all of them, mind you, just the expensive ones. Over $3000. worth.

This is the first time we've had anything like this happen in the more than 13 years we've lived here.

Police report has been filed, insurance agent (my uncle) has been called. It's highly unlikely that we'll get them back but at least we're insured. The inconvenience is irritating and, to be honest, it makes me kind of uneasy to think that someone might have been out there, going through the van, while I was still awake and sitting here.

Posted by Ripley on November 20, 2003

And then you said

ice tools to a climber may mean something different to other people. what kinda ice tools?

Posted by the mighty jimbo on November 28, 2003 11:17 PM

nothing as exotic as that. :) ice is my husband's nickname... the tools were electrician's tools.

Posted by ripley on December 13, 2003 1:46 AM

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