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01.11.03  Dog cleaning - We took Tucker to the dog wash tonight. Such places didn't exist when we had dogs before (not around here anyway) and I have to admit it was much nicer than using the bathtub. Didn't have to kneel down, didn't... (tags: )

02.11.03  A gentle reminder - (found while editing) The page doesn't want to be displayed The page you are looking for is currently in the huff. The Web site is not experiencing technical difficulties, you just need to pay your bills. Please try the following... (tags: )

03.11.03  Just a little off the bottom - Tucker went to the vet today for an attitude adjustment to be neutered and to have his hind dew claws removed. He's rather subdued tonight. The kids got home from school before I picked him up and the younger two... (tags: )

04.11.03  Space cadet dog - He wouldn't stop chewing so now he's wearing the cone. And he is not happy about it. He moves like it weighs a hundred pounds (when he can bring himself to move at all), he whimpers, and he stares at... (tags: )

11.11.03  If you ask me, they don't visit enough - I was so tired last night I was in bed by 12:30am. That's practically unheard of around here. Had a great weekend though. Newt, MA, & K(2) arrived Friday night and we talked and laughed and talked some more, straight... (tags: )

13.11.03  Snow day #1 (2003-4) - Last (school) year, the first snow day was in January. This (school) year the first snow day came in November. Ya think that's a bad sign? The kids were thrilled though. We didn't get a lot of snow but what... (tags: )

15.11.03  In brief - Ivan not only lives, he's now running Slackware 9.1. And Opera (which I'm posting from). More on that tomorrow or sometime soon. I'm pretty excited about it. Yesterday was our 16th wedding anniversary. My present was a new power supply... (tags: )

20.11.03  I shouldn't have complained about the power supply - Last night/this morning, possibly some time in the whole hour between when I go to bed and when Ice gets up, some asshole stole a bunch of Ice's tools from his van. Not all of them, mind you, just the... (tags: )