Great weather for a change.

L was an old woman with a bizarre mask that left black crap all over her face. She wore one of her dad's old shirts and one of my (favourite) old skirts. No, it's not an old woman skirt... it's just really long and black. I thought I'd have to pin it on her so that it would stay up but, with pants on underneath, it fit just fine. Was I really that skinny at one time? Jeez.

K was Claudia from All That. A goth girl. Long black wig with orange streaks at the front, black lipstick, eyes, eyebrows, nails. She looked pretty good, really.

J was an ‘evil’ hockey player. A Detroit Red Wing, of course.

The kids had a great time. Tucker, on the other hand, wasn't too crazy about all the odd-looking people at the door.

Posted by Ripley on October 31, 2003