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01.10.03  In a few words - It snowed today at lunchtime. Only briefly and it didn't stick around but it terrified the pup (who was outside at the time). I still have my cold. L went on a school camping trip this week. Left Monday and... (tags: )

02.10.03  I always vote - I got a phone call this morning on behalf of my local Liberal candidate. The woman said, “I'm calling to remind you that today is election day, the day we change the government in this province.” She was right, of... (tags: )

03.10.03  Verisign gets slapped - Today The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers posted an advisory: ICANN has today insisted that VeriSign suspend the SiteFinder service, and restore the .com and .net top-level domains to the way they were operated prior to 15 September... (tags: )

04.10.03  There should have been cake - With being sick and dealing with J and his bee sting, I completely missed my one year anniversary of using Linux. I've learned a lot over that year and I learn more new things almost every day. It's been —... (tags: )

06.10.03  It won't go away - Starting week 3 of The Cold That Never Ends. I'm not happy.... (tags: )

07.10.03  An observation - Websites for Canadian universities bury their sports teams under ‘Student Services’ or ‘Campus Life’ or something similar. At least two, but often three or four, steps away from the main page of the school. Websites for American universities have ‘Athletics’... (tags: )

11.10.03  No waiting this time - L & I went to the doctor today. Diagnosis was strep for her, fluid in the ears for me. Hopefully, we'll both be in much better shape by Monday. Ice came home from work early, partly because he was worried,... (tags: )

18.10.03  I don't think that's quite right - The TV behind the bar was tuned to The Sex Files, sound off, captioning on. Some researcher chick was talking about testosterone and its effect on men and women when this text scrolled across the bottom of the screen: “Testosterone... (tags: )

31.10.03  Hallowe'en - Great weather for a change. L was an old woman with a bizarre mask that left black crap all over her face. She wore one of her dad's old shirts and one of my (favourite) old skirts. No, it's not... (tags: )