Dates and things.

Just a list of dates and events so I don't forget what we were doing on all those days that I didn't post.


Aug. 26 - Ice's niece was here for the afternoon and evening.

Aug. 28 - Ice's niece was back again and stayed overnight. I spent the entire afternoon making food for the people helping with the barn fire cleanup. Later on that night, Ice and I met up with his uncle and cousin who were visiting from Germany, as well as his parents. I impressed the uncle (he said I “earned [his] respect”) by drinking a Caesar and a beer at the same time. Blame my mother-in-law for that. She ordered the Caesar, then didn't like it. We told the cousin that the next time he comes to Canada, he should hang out with us because we're the fun relatives.

Aug. 30 - Ice worked in the morning at the shop, then had to go to one of his job sites in the afternoon.

Aug. 31 - Added Rose Fortune, Daurene Lewis, and Peter Butler to the Canadians site.

Sept. 1 - Ice helped with the barn fire cleanup all day.

Sept. 2 - The kids went back to school. There was a staff change over the summer and J has a new teacher, not his former kindergarten teacher. I was very relieved.

Sept. 3 - Took Tucker to the vet for his final round of puppy shots, ran some errands while I was in town, got home to discover that the power was off. And it stayed that way for over an hour.

Sept. 5 - Tucker wasn't feeling well due to, we suspect, a reaction to his vaccinations. Took him back to the vet where he was given some anti-nausea medication and, of all things, Pepto-Bismal. He's fine now.

Sept. 6 - Ice worked 'til mid-afternoon at the shop. L got up in the middle of the night, not feeling well, and watched After the Thin Man with me. She thought most of the men looked the same (the moustaches, I think), she was surprised by all the smoking, and she was amazed when I told her the movie was older than her grandfather.

Sept. 7 - Added Lew Urry to the Canadians.

Sept. 9 - Had a meeting at the school about the camping trip that L's class is going on at the end of the month.


Whew. That'll teach me to post more often.

Posted by Ripley on September 12, 2003